Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanks Buddy!!!.... "The Cake Boss"

I had the great opportunity of meeting Buddy from the hit TV TLC show The Cake Boss...not only once BUT TWICE!  pretty lucky!  The first time was at an event he had in Toronto... My Brother Felipe and his family bought me two tickets...who did you guys think I went with?  Yep...Leo (My brother) and I went.   It was really good.  He talked about him...his life...his cake life...cakes etc... I was loving it!  He is really inspirational and a real person... super nice guy!  The second time was for his book signing he did here in Toronto as well... he was a true gentlemen and super cool!  His book is as good as he is!  I am a real fan of Buddy...not only because he has an exciting TV show but because he really made the Cake industry EXPLODE!!!!  Thanks to him people are now really interested in cakes...not just any cake but crazy cakes like he does.  The only thing is weird is this..... did you guys know that his cakes are from like $10 a slice?  he once made a cake worth $40k!!! yep! Pretty cool!  It is pretty cool when people order a cake and say...."I see how much work is put on cakes because I watched The Cake Boss and can understand your price".....THANKS BUDDY!  What I don't understand is that people want a crazy or beautiful cake and expect to pay like they would at Costco or Loblaws..... For example to make figurines or flower arrangements could take hours!!! not 1 or 2 I am talking about 3....4...5....6... of course depending on what it is...How long does it take a non baker to bake a regular cake?  Why would people think it is baked faster when you are a baker?  Here is what happens....on a regular type of cake....You bake a cake..level it.....cream it...cover it....cover the base....make the decorations etc etc etc.... How long would it take?  I think that is why it is sometimes really hard to price.  The to decorate....etc etc....Can be really expensive!  not to mention how much time goes on it... How much money do you get paid per hour?  (Well I guess it depends who reads it!) lol hard to price!  Next time you look at a piece or art... a cake... think about how long it took someone to finish it and appreciate it!  Thanks Buddy!  Thanks to you people can get a sneak peek on what goes on in the world of Cakes!  

Till next time..... EAT CAKE...!!! :) 


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  1. Some people just don't understand the amount of time, effort, creativity and MONEY that goes into this type of work. Sad...but I guess you can't blame those who don't know...just have to educate them : ) Proud of you Rosie! xoxo