Friday, December 3, 2010

Sweet Sweet Sixteen!

I just received photos of a client of mine when I use to live in Florida.  We keep in touch...Her daughter just graduated from High School this year.  I did a cake for them in 2008 for her daughter's sweet sixteen!  Mother and daughter were really excited and like any other mother and daughter they had been planning it for years.... Unfortunately like you all know things were already bad in the States..The father lost his job and they were really struggling. The daughter wanted a specific cake in particular and her mother had been looking around in different places and a lot of people could not do it. I met them at a wedding show and agreed to give them a quote... Unfortunately things got worse and they had to cut down on a lot of things... Including the cake!  For some reason I still wanted to do it for them... I knew in my heart that these people were honest and all they wanted is to celebrate a special day!  I called the mother and told her I would do it at cost...they couldn't believe it!...They were really excited...They loved the cake...and of course I got all the pictures afterwords!!! 

It is truly not always about receiving...I am a big believer in giving!  I wish I could do more of these types of cakes for many other special people...(ooook..don't all call at once!...Maybe I will get myself in trouble for saying that...)  One of my biggest dreams is opening up a charity to donate birthday cakes to less fortunate children....I think no child should be without a birthday cake! 

Here is a testimonial from the mom: 

We couldn't find anyone willing to create my daughter's Sweet 16 dream cake.  She found a photo online and we took it to every cake decorator in town.  Until meeting Rosa, from "It's My Cake", people looked at us like we were crazy.  The cake was 3 - tier, white fondant, with large black Hawaiian flowers all over it to look as if there were "growing".  Other cake decorators told us they didn't know where to start, but Rosa said "I love a challenge!  The cake was beautiful and delicious and exceeded our expectations!  Thanks so much!  Christina.  (Florida)  

Until next time.... EAT MORE CAKE!!!!

Rosa Sargood

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