Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Leave the baking to the PROS!!! My BROTHER!

My brother... my best friend... My favorite baker! Here is a little history on my background...... I am the youngest of 5.  I have 4 older brothers.  We are all really close and very talented in many ways.  The youngest of my 4 brothers is Leo and him and I have something in common... CAKES!!! That is why we decided to go into the business together.  As you can see from our logo..Its a picture of Him and I.... Nope...he is not chubby in real life!  and yes ladies he is now taken!  Well here is another little secret...I have no patience for baking... and he is an amazing Pastry Chef!  Sooooo... He bakes and I decorate!  If anyone asks...who does more work... "I DO!"  Kidding.. To be quite honest its really equal... sometimes he bakes for 10 hours and I only do a simple design of 4 hours... or vice versa.  Of course, working with family is always very smooth and easy... YEAHH RIGHT!!!! we love each other but we don't always see the same picture!  I am the sweetest thing.... but I can also loose it!  (Sorry Leo)  We have fired each other many times.....but at the end... We are FAMILY!!!  I love my brother!!! 

There are times when he is away or one of those times when we have fired one another and I HAD TO BAKE!!!...  :(  Of course since I don't have any patience for anything I don't ever like to read the whole recipe or follow all the directions exactly... I try to rush etc.  Here you will see a picture of a cake I baked myself! (as you can tell!) I took this picture to text my brother for HELP! 

If I didn't have my brother...those beautiful cakes you see would not be so beautiful.  He makes sure they are perfectly leveled...straight...creamed etc.... not to mention how amazing they taste!!!   Without a perfectly prepared cake... the decorations would not look as good!  Thanks Leo (and thanks for your patience...with the cakes and ME!) 

PS: Don't worry guys.. Baking classes will not be taught by me!  :)

Lesson learned:  Must follow directions!  (I am still trying!!! )   

Till next time...  


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