Wednesday, December 8, 2010

3 D Tutorial: Mickey Mouse Head

Hi everyone!  I will doing some demos and tutorials on some of the designs I have created. 
Here is my 1st one! 

Mickey Mouse 3D Structure. (Head)

This cake was really special!  It was for my big little guy's 4th birthday.  Every year my boys get pickier and pickier on what they want on their cake!  My son Kian (4) wanted two 3D Cakes!  not to mention he wanted some fire truck mini cakes to give to everyone like we did for hit 3rd!  SOOOO I did his Mickey 3D cake that he really wanted! (NO I didn't do anything else but that...Ok some chocolate Mickey sticks...some Mickey cupcakes....etc.!)  I do stuff for everyone else and when it comes to my boys...COME ONNNN!!!!  Not sure what he will ask for his 5th!!!! Pretty lucky kids in my family!... All my nephew's and nieces always get a cool cake every year! 

Styro Ball:  I picked the styro ball size I wanted.  Michaels around $28. 

Measured it:  Divided into and bottom and sides.  Made some lines to see where it was and placed toothpicks to secure the lines where it started and ended. 

Rice Krispies:  Cover the nose with rice krispies and with fondant and gumpaste (I also like to smooth it out as I go with royal also helps things stick together).  Push it together with your hand and sand it if you need to once dried.

Cover with Fondant:  Roll out a large piece of fondant.... and cover the head just like a cake! 

Face:  Add the eyes with black  and white gumpaste. Mouth with red gumpaste and the little tongue with pink.  Stick a toothpick for the nose doing a little black gumpaste tear drop.

There you have it!  Please email me if you have any questions! Also let me know if you would be interested in attending a class on 3D cakes in person or online. I will be teaching a 3D cake class in the near future.

About million hours of work on the cake
Lots of money in piping, gumpaste, fondant, boards, styro ball etc.
My son's Face in the Morning as he walked down the stairs: 
PRICELESS!!!!!!!  and I would do it ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!



  1. Hi! I just found your page searching around for how to make a 3d Mickey cake for my son's 2nd birthday in August and here you have the most wonderful tutorial! I would love it if you could email me how you completed the entire 3d Mickey cake because yours is absolutely gorgeous. Any help would be beyond appreciated!


  2. is very good. Can you please tell me how to make body?

  3. Hi,

    Did you post a tutorial for the body?

  4. i would luv the whole tutorial too, please its beautiful luv it, here is my email please thanks

  5. can u send me info on steps to take to mold the face is it all rice krispies or fondant

  6. hello there! LOVE the cake. would itbe possible to also have the full tutorial emailed to me? thanks so much

  7. Hi I would like to make this cake for my sons 1st birthday but was wondering if there is a tutorial for the full body? My email address is

  8. hi!can i also have the full tutorial email at please?Thank you

  9. Hi :) I need your help. I need a tutorial for this cake. My nephew is a fan of Mickey. I wanted to make him a cake like this for his 1st birthday next week. Can you please help me an send me a tutorial? Thank you very much :)

  10. Did you ever get to do the body would love to see this

    Many thanks M -

  11. bello su trabajo por favor me regalarías el tutorial completo a ver como me sale a mi me encantan los minni mi correo es

  12. please send me the whole tutorial for the head and body I would love to make this for my grandsons 1st bday in 2 wks thanks sooo much

  13. I really love ur work!!! My daughter loves Minnie Mouse could you please email me the steps of how u mold the face. Thanks

  14. Hello!! I truly love how this cake came out really nice!! I would greatly, humbly appreciate your guidance in making the body plz, as my baby party is coming up this Friday.. I look forward to speaking with you soon, God Bless..

  15. I would also love the tutorial on the body