Friday, October 21, 2011

And the winning cake isssssss......

Hi everyone :)  Here are a couple of photos for now about our very proud cake we did for the Baking and Sweet's show competition here in Toronto, Canada. 

How do you guys like it?  I think it was a total of 200 hours spent on this cake!  Yup!!!! sleepless nights for sure!  The best part about it is that we had lots of fun making it.  For those that want to know... This cake was made out of modeling chocolate, gumpaste and fondant!  This is a show piece and there was no real cake in it for that matter but if it had to be cake, the cake would be the tree trunk.  What do you guys think?   Please feel free to leave comments.  It was unfortunate that the judge did not see what everyone was seeing. :(  We were told that it was not original... too Tim Burton design and too gory!  Us in particular have our own opinions..... he he he.  We even had eye lashes on the doll.....  I guess you never know!  Here on the right are some photos for you to see for now..... more photos of other detail coming soon.  

And the winning cake issssssss.............  

Its not your is leaning more on the left.
This is supposed to be a mechanical cake....Unfortunately when we pulled the wires it didn't work :(

I also asked the judge about the foil at the bottom of the drum....Well she said that she was judging from drum up!
And the wires hanging out everywhere? well...its OK also because it is mechanical she said!

Here is another closer look!  What do you think?

 It was a COOL kicking butt cake!  

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