Monday, May 2, 2011

Wendy Kromer :)

After seeing the Royal Wedding cake... I thought of someone special with a very similar talent and style of Cake decorating. 
The extremely talented............ Wendy Kromer

                                                              Wendy Kromer and her amazing wedding cake design! 

An amazing cake designer, master baker and a friend. Wendy has been creating cakes for Martha Stewart Weddings for more than a decade, she is also the co-Author of the book Martha Stewart's Wedding Cakes and also a former fashion Model. YESSSSS SHE IS AMAZING!!!!! 
Back in February this year I was very lucky to be able to drive down to Ohio and meet Wendy at her shop "Wendy Kromer Confections and City Bake Shop" for an amazing Lambeth Method pipping class... Of course the class was amazing.... More than I could have imagined. Not only has this technique always been something I wanted to learn but to be learning it from someone so amazingly talented as Wendy was the best part! 

Wendy is a beautiful inside and out and has A LOT of patience with her students...and she makes sure you get it! Lambeth Method looks complicated... IT IS!!! If you are wondering how you will learn such an elaborate technique?.....that is if you want to learn from the best.... This is what you need to do...
1)book a spot in her class in Ohio (a quick flight or even drive from Toronto!) Wendy runs her classes during the winter months, please email her to find out when her next class is. 2)bring a good attitude 3) PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

Meeting Wendy was one of the most extraordinary experiences, not only is she super at what she does but a very powerful successful women...
Thank you Wendy for everything... You are amazing in every way!

Lets not forget a very yummy part... THE SOUP we had for lunch with warm bread was SOOOOO YUMMMYYY!!!! and of course we had some brownies too!!! Unfortunately there was very little time to tour around Ohio... I guess I will have to go back to tour around...have some yummy soup and visit WENDY again!!! See you soon Wendy!


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