Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A very Special 21st Birthday Cake!

Here is another pecial cake story!!!   I love my job!!!!!!!!!

I got a call from a mother that wanted to order a cake for her daughter's 21st birthday. 
Here are the details:
I only had about 7 days or less to complete it.  (Having Christmas orders made this hard!)
It had to look like a gift box...and you had to be able to open it! And not only that...the family wanted to be able to place inside some special gifts...such as a letter from a grandmother, pearls, etc. 

She needed 4"  on top she said :0
We also needed to incorporate, lots of colors!!!, music (her father had passed away and he was a musician), a daffodil and a gift tag.

Here is the result of what Leo (my brother) and I came up with!

The height of this cake was about 8".... 4" for the gifts and 4" of cake.

What do you guys think?

I spoke to the mother 2 days later, unfortunately they had not tasted the cake yet!  The daughter did not want to cut the cake!  The mother assured me that they were going to cut it that night I talked to her! 

Thanks everyone, 

leave comments or questions if you wish! 


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