Monday, October 25, 2010

Darth Vader Cake.

When we were approached to make a Star Wars cake we had no Idea how complicated Darth Vader could be, Specially for me that I had never really seen the whole Star Wars Movie.  I had to YouTube some scenes and get pictures of Darth Vader.  Thankfully my brother had seen the whole movie and new what we were doing.  The scene that we kept on playing while making this cake was "Luke...I am your father..."  so now its stuck in my head... Every time I see the cake...that is all I think of saying! 

Darth Vader is all Gumpaste!  yep...all edible!  The most complicated part about making him was his head... the helmet part... We always love a challenge and It was another happy ending at the end!

The Cake was chocolate with dulce de leche filling...yummyyyy!!! 

Any questions on the cake...please feel free to write an email. 

Until next blog,  See you soon and Stay Sweet!

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